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My STEM Science School Assemblies
Put Some Magic Into Science
– and Take Some of the Mystery Out!

Look, up in the sky! It’s funny! It’s engaging! It’s interactive!

It’s ‘Superhero Science’!

There are no magic tricks in this 45-minute STEM science school assembly program; just scientific demonstrations so incredible they seem magical. And, to the volunteers from the audience helping perform them, the demonstrations seem to give them superpowers! Superpowers like these:


  • One student offers a dollar bill to their classmates, and uses mind control to prevent anyone from accepting it!

  • Another student teaches chickens how to perform tricks – while still in the egg!

  • Finally, a kindergartener lifts the principal into the air!


After they demonstrate each feat, I (Dave Moreland, aka ‘The Great & Powerful Dave’) challenge the students in the audience to identify the principle that makes the superpower possible and, once identified, talk about where we can observe it in everyday life.


Best of all, I show audience members how they can repeat simplified versions of each effect in their classroom or around the house.


During 'Superhero Science', your students will be so busy participating, laughing, and being amazed by the superheroes in their midst, they'll hardly notice that they're learning too!

I perform school assemblies in every sort of community...

In the tri-state area, there are elementary schools of every stripe – each with a distinctive population – and I've performed school assembly programs for them all: magnet schools in New York City, small town schools in Upstate and Central New York, and big public and small private schools in the suburbs – from Westchester County to the tip of Long Island, from Connecticut commuter towns to southern New Jersey. I am an expert at holding the attention of all these populations and successfully delivering a message. 

...and educators everywhere say they LOVE the my educational school assemblies...

Here's what teachers have to say about my STEM and other school assembly programs:

“He’s wonderful! He has great rapport with the children (and) he’s an excellent teacher. He was positive and motivational, and constantly got the students involved. When we deal with these scientific concepts again in the classroom, the children will be miles ahead.”

Fourth Grade Teachers

Millville (PA) Elementary School

“Definitely book the show. Very informative, and (the) kids were very excited and engaged.”

Danielle Ezmat

Second Grade Teacher

Pioneer Academy, Wayne, NJ


"Above & beyond (other programs)!  The info was very entertaining, engaging, ....age appropriate... and applicable. Highly recommended!"

Ali Ferrell

Fourth Grade Teacher

E. T. Hamilton Elem. Sch., Voorhees, NJ

“Outstanding in comparison to other programs. A great balance of fun and very important information shared in a kid-friendly way. Our (students) were lucky to have this experience.”

Tammy Gniker

First Grade Teacher

Ellenville Elementary School, Ellenville, NY


“Student were extremely engaged (and on the Friday afternoon before Winter Break!) Dave (has) great rapport with students, (and) is very clear, explicit (with) great repetition!”

Kerri Pramberger

First Grade Teacher

John W. Kimball Elementary, Brooklyn, NY

“Highly recommended! Very interactive, and the host knew how to keep the students' attention.”

Sally Yi

Academic Support Teacher

Pioneer Academy, Wayne, NJ

My 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Yes, I’m sure your kids and teachers will love my ‘Superhero Science’ school assembly. I’m not afraid to guarantee it. My guarantee is simple:

If you don’t feel I captivated the attention of your students while delivering scientific lessons that they will understand and retain, you don’t have to pay me. That’s right. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

But after performing in hundreds of schools for over 20 years, I’m confident your school will not only love my show but also want to bring me back for one of my other amazing school assembly programs!

"Okay, Dave, I Love Everything You Say. Now What?"

Ready to begin? Call me today at 607-256-3500 and we can discuss your school’s assembly needs. If you are part of an assembly planning committee, please fill out the Contact Form on this page. You’ll receive STEM program information with fees emailed to you instantly. 

- Dave

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