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My Customized PARP Reading-Themed

School Assembly Will Get Your Students Excited about Reading…Guaranteed!


Are you helping plan your elementary school reading program? Maybe it's a 'Parents As Reading Partners' (PARP) program, a Read Across America program, or a Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) program? Are you looking for fun ideas to get the students excited about reading and to insure the program's a success?  Well, I have just the trick! My 45-minute assembly program,“The Magic of Reading”, is a roller coaster of laughter, magic, and important messages. 

After performing hundreds of school assemblies in the Tri-State area – New York, New Jersey, Connecticut – I’m an expert at holding the attention of hundreds of children at once.

During this school show, I make it my mission to get your students excited about reading by using magic and join-in fun to highlight the plots and characters of several classic children’s books. Of course, a lot of other school assembly presenters do the same thing in their shows. 

So that’s not the reason you should hire me.

How My Program is Different from

Other Reading-Themed School Assembly Programs

“The Magic of Reading” goes several steps further than the average cookie-cutter school assembly. I do everything I can to learn your school’s reading program goals and I weave this information into my program in fun ways. The result? A show CUSTOMIZED to your school. It's like a goofy, high-energy infomercial for your school's reading program!

By the end of the program, your students will know all they need to participate in your school’s PARP (Pick A Reading Partner), DEAR (Drop Everything And Read), or Read Across America program:

  • the theme
  • the goals (how many minutes a day, or how many books a week)

  • the record-keeping and reporting procedures

  • the prizes and rewards (if any)


Additionally, they’ll learn about the reading resources outside your school:

  • The name of the children’s librarian at your local public library  

  • All the public library’s upcoming special programs for kids

  • How old a child needs to be to get a library card


How do I get this information? Simple. I call your area’s local public library about a week before the show and speak with the children’s librarian. I then work this information into my school assembly easily and naturally.

Right now, you’re probably thinking, “Wow, no other school assembly presenters me offer anything like that!” You’re right. 

It’s one of the ways I bring a unique, one-of-a-kind experience to your school’s students. By going this ‘extra mile,’ I can guarantee your school a reading school assembly experience like no other!


What Your Students Will Experience

During 'The Magic of Reading' School Assembly Program:

This show is NOT just me talking and lecturing to your kids. Nor is my show a series of disjointed tricks with weak, pasted-on messages. Nope, with my years of experience in theater, TV, and movies (you can learn about my other showbiz life HERE.), I understand how to craft age-appropriate messages and use fun and engaging magic to illustrate those concepts so they ‘stick’ in the minds of the audience. 

Here are just a few highlights from the show:

  • When your students think of colors from their favorite books, a simple white hanky is instantly transformed into an incredible stream of different colors! 


  • As a volunteer and I build a ‘Dr. Seuss Crown’ out of colorful balloons, the audience discovers why Ted Geisel’s alter ego is the most celebrated children’s author of all time


  • My puppet pal, “Vern the Vulture” plays “What’s my Favorite Card?” with the audience. The game starts as a standard 3-Card Monte game with giant cards, but Vern finally reveals his favorite card is a library card!


  • And MUCH more!


The Easiest School Assembly Program

Your School Will Ever Host…

While 'The Magic of Reading' program is educational and fun, there’s one thing it is NOT. Hard to host! I ‘get’ schools. After performing in hundreds of schools over the years, I know what a school assembly presenter needs to do to make your event a success. It’s three simple things:

1. Show up

2. Set up fast

3. Do a great show

I’ve already covered #3, but what about the first two? I confirm with your school several days before the performance, and will show up on time. I won’t be that performer who arrives an hour late! I’ve performed magic for over 20 years, and my clients always marvel at my professionalism.

As far as #2 goes, schools have specific needs for a school assembly. They need the performer to be easy to work with. And they need minimal set-up time. I’ve got you covered!

My set-up time is FAST…just 30 minutes! And my show breaks down in just 15 minutes. If I’m performing in your school’s MPR or cafeteria, I won’t get in the way of the good folks getting lunch ready. If I’m performing in your school’s gym, my fast set-up means minimal interruption to your phys ed classes.

My goal is to be the easiest school assembly presenter your school ever hires!

Here’s What to Do Next…

If you are researching school assemblies in NJ, NY, or CT and need information to forward to your committee, simply fill out the contact form on this page. You’ll get information about 'The Magic of Reading' sent to you along with fees for your area. Just for responding, you’ll also receive a copy of my special report, “What is the One Question You MUST Ask Your Assembly Presenter?” (HINT: It’s not what you think!)

Prefer the personal touch? Me too! Call me today at 607-256-3500 and we can discuss your school assembly needs.

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