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My Interactive Bullying School Assemblies Teach Your Students How to Stop Bullying Now!

In 45 magical minutes, your students will learn how to handle a bullying encounter, and will be inspired to be kind & respectful to others.

I’m school assembly presenter Dave Moreland, 'The Great & Powerful Dave'. I’ve been performing educational & motivational school assembly programs in Central New York for over 20 years. I've now expanded my service area to include New Jersey, Connecticut, and downstate New York, and, with my bullying-prevention show, am delivering powerful messages of kindness and respect to your students.


During my program, your students will also learn 5 safe, effective strategies to handle bullying encounters in or out of school. But there’s one key thing my elementary school assemblies have that others don’t.

Why My Anti-Bullying School Assemblies are Different from Other New York School Assemblies

Schools are concerned about bullying, and often adopt specific bullying-prevention initiatives, and create their own anti-bullying acronyms and school-wide messages. Teachers and administrators want these messages reinforced so their students get a consistent message and the school’s curriculum is reinforced. But, with many assembly presenters, that doesn't happen.

Many performers offer bullying-prevention shows, but the script for their show is set in stone. They may deliver messages that do not align with – or even contradict! – your school’s goals. Your students could wind up getting a diluted message or mixed signals, resulting in confusion.

Customized Anti-Bullying Messages for Your School

I customize my bully-prevention assemblies to your school. Before my visit, I contact you to get information about your anti-bullying curriculum and the acronyms, terminology, and slogans you use. These all get seamlessly woven into the show. The result is a assembly program that's a perfect fit for your school.

Why do I feel comfortable customizing my show when other performers don't? I’m a professional actor with years of improvisation training and over a decade of touring with a professional children's theater troupe. I enjoy the challenge of creating something new when I visit a school. (You can learn more about my professional acting background, including my appearances on Seinfeld & Friends and in the movie 'Legally Blonde' – yes, really! – HERE.)

The important lessons in "Stop Bullying Now!" 

Here are some of the key concepts I present in my fast-paced bullying school assemblies:

  • How to recognize the 5 most common types of bullying

  • The important distinction between conflict and bullying

  • 5 non-violent 'CLEAR' strategies for handling a bullying encounter

  • How being kind and respectful to others can brighten your own day.

Serious stuff, yes? Serious show? No!

Goofy, Kid-Friendly Magic Helps the Medicine Go Down

The lessons in my show are serious; the magic is not!


Some magicians try to impress elementary & middle school students with intricate  sleight-of-hand moves. Not me! Yes, my magic is amazing. But instead of focusing on skill, I emphasize fun and silliness.

My show is filled with:

  • kid-friendly comedy

  • bright, colorful magic

  • audience participation

  • lots of opportunities for volunteers

Here’s an important point.  As 'The Great & Powerful Dave', I use magic that supports and illustrates the important bully prevention concepts I talk about. Magic is never done just for the sake of magic. It all has a point. Every trick I do is a metaphor for an important lesson.

If you think KIDS love this show, just listen to the TEACHERS!

 I've received accolades from teachers at elementary schools and middle schools of every stripe in the tri-state area – each with a distinctive population: magnet schools in New York City, small town schools in Upstate and Central New York, and big public and small private schools in the suburbs – from Westchester County to the tip of Long Island, from Connecticut commuter towns to southern New Jersey.


They declare that 'The Great & Powerful Dave' is an expert at holding the attention of all these populations and successfully delivering a message:

In my ten years as counselor here, this is the best anti-bullying show I've seen. The message is strong, and I love how you explained and showed that conflict is different from bullying.”

       -Lucia Gorgia, Counselor, William Mason Elem., Montville, NJ

What would I say to other schools considering this show? Definitely book it! Both age level shows                 (Gr. K-3 & 4-8) were great.

 -Eileen O'Neill, Principal, Aquinas Academy, Livingston, NJ

 “Wonderful - 10/10! We haven't had any other program that discussed strategies (for dealing with a bullying encounter) and the difference between a disagreement and bullying. You did."

        -Anna Sheets, 6-8 Grade ELA Teacher, Lower Alloways School, NJ

Awesome show...with a consistent, stand-up, anti-bullying message. Dave definitely knows how to reach an audience...weaving in opportunities to be wiggly and loud."

        -Tamara Chebar, Third Grade Teacher, PS 107, Brooklyn, New York

Five-Star Show! Dave was energetic and entertaining while delivering solid messages on how to handle conflict. The humor and magic were great at engaging the students.

        -Jian Zhang & Sue Rainkin, HudsonWay Immersion School, Stirling, NJ

"Wonderful! The kids absolutely LOVED him and his message was totally on point!"

         -Joanna Cohen, Principal, PS 107, Brooklyn, New York

"The best assembly program I have seen in 25 years! many crystal clear, concrete examples of how to handle/stop bullying (with) lots of great role playing (and he) keeps the students' interest, often with humor, the entire time! I wish there was something like this when my children were this age!!! "

-Lise Grossman, Instructional Associate, E. T. Hamilton Elem. Sch., Voorhees, NJ

 “Great show -- clearly explains ways to deal with bullying while keeping students' attention. More age-appropriate for our middle schoolers (than other programs)."

        -Renee Doyle, 6-8 Grade Math Teacher, Lower Alloways School, NJ

My 100%

Yes, I’m so sure your kids and teachers will love 'The Great & Powerful Dave's Stop Bullying Now!’ show, I guarantee it. My guarantee is simple:

If you don’t feel I captivated the attention of your students

while delivering important and impactful bully-prevention messages,

you don’t have to pay me. 

But after performing in hundreds of schools for over 20 years, I’m confident your school will not only love my show but also want to bring me back for one of my other 'Great & Powerful' school assembly programs!

"Okay, Dave, I Love Everything You Said. Now What?"

Ready to begin? Call me today at 607-256-3500 and we can discuss your school’s assembly needs. If you are part of an assembly planning committee, please click on one of the 'Get More Info & a Quote' buttons on this page. You’ll receive anti-bully assembly program information with fees emailed to you instantly. 

Just for requesting information, you will also receive my free report, “What is the One Question You MUST Ask Your Assembly Presenter?” (HINT: It’s not what you think!) This 2-minute report is yours free just for visiting my website.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

- Dave Moreland

'The Great & Powerful Dave'

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