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ATTN: PTO/PTA, School Administrators, and Librarians:

Are you looking for a curriculum-based school assembly or library show to inspire and motivate children? One that celebrates reading, helps build character, or teaches non-violent responses to bullying?


It’s no secret that the tri-state area has a LOT of educational school assembly program options. But many New York magicians just do kids' shows on the side, while they push their “real” shows that they perform for adults at comedy clubs and corporate banquets.

The results show. The “messages” in their educational shows are weak or non-existent. And the humor can be inappropriate for kids. The shows can be a waste of time -- or worse!

"Fantastic! Humor and magic (about) an important subject – bullying.”

-Cara Tarantino, Second Grade Teacher
Bayview Ave. Elem.,
Freeport, Long Island

"Dave, How Are You Different From the Rest?"

That’s where I can help. I’m The Great and Powerful Dave and I’m a specialist in educational school assemblies & library programs in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. I perform exclusively for kids; I know how they think and how to deliver an effective lesson to them. But there's nothing 'Barney-ish' about my shows; adults often tell me they laugh through my shows as much as the kids!

“Great connection to anti-bullying strategies using visuals. Students were involved and...super engaged and excited to learn more.”

Jaclyn Guastaferri

Third Grade Teacher

Harry S. Fisher Elementary School, Plymouth, CT

School assemblies usually take place in cafeterias, auditoriums, multi-purpose rooms, and gymnasiums. Library shows take place right near the stacks, or in a conference room. None of these locations are devoted to entertainment. Right before your school assembly, the multipurpose room might be used for lunch. Or a gym class. Your library show might be hosting an arts and crafts group right before the magic show. I can make the best of any space you have.

What's more, I guarantee that my show will start and end on schedule, and that the whole process will be easy-breezy for you! 

But don't take my word for it! Satisfied clients invite me back year after year, and I've received dozens & dozens of enthusiastic reviews from elementary schools & libraries. Read what my clients have written, and you'll see why I can guarantee that you and everyone watching will appreciate my goofy antics, side-splitting appropriate humor, and important messages.

As an expert children’s educational entertainer with over 20 years experience, I understand the unique space & timetable needs of elementary schools and libraries. Space is often tight, and so is your schedule! 

“Quite incredible! Well beyond any (assembly program) we have had. Perfectly unique, customized…super engaging, interactive (and) funny for all ages – even teachers. We cannot wait to work with you again.”

Taylor Cohen

First Grade Teacher

Parkview Elementary, Stratford, NJ

  • Fully Insured

  • Approved for work in NYS schools 

      via background check by NYSDOE

  • Approved NYC Public Schools Vendor

     (Vendor # POW995634)

5 More Reasons Why
My School Assemblies & Library Shows
are Perfect for Your Program Needs

A few more reasons why my shows will make your event unforgettable, fun…and easy:


My Shows Set Up FAST!

I’m set up and ready to go in just 30 minutes! That’s about half the time of other children’s entertainers. My fast setup time means your school or library can “turn the room over” faster and with no hassle.

Whether Big City or Small Town -- I Know Your Territory & I Know Your Audience!

New York Magic Shows

Though I'm based in Manhattan and perform here, many of my shows are also in the small towns of Central & Upstate New York and the suburbs of New Jersey and Long Island. I know how to navigate all that terrain and all those audiences!


I’m familiar with the cultural diversity of New York City, the, uh, unique parking situations, and even the difficulty of holding the attention of kids living in the Big Apple. It’s a different world here in NYC, and many performers aren’t up to the challenge. 

As you’ll see as you explore my website, I have a long list of happy and satisfied clients -- urban & rural. Many of my library and school clients book me year after year. Why? I deliver a fun, child-friendly show with zero hiccups, hassles, or complaints -- wherever you may be!

Powerful Dave Magic Shows

I'm a Trained Actor with TV, Theater, and Movie Roles

Unlike a lot of magicians, I’m a trained, working actor. Seinfeld, Friends, Legally Blonde -- I've appeared in them all! After years of theater, television, and movie roles, I bring a level of theatricality and professionalism to my shows that most other performers simply can’t match.

(You can read more about my experience and watch clips of my TV & film work HERE.)

Interactive & Child-Friendly

Magic Shows for Kids

Unlike some school assembly performers, I don’t stand in front of the audience, show off my sleight-of-hand skills, and raise my hands waiting for applause. We’ve all endured those shows, haven’t we? Kids don’t like them and neither do you.

My shows are silly, goofy, and feature a ton of join-in fun. I make the audience the stars of the show. While a lot of magicians say that, I’m unique in one key way:

The kids make most of the magic happen during my show. 

My character, 'The Great & Powerful Dave' makes a lot of mistakes, and the audience helps me make the magic work. They feel empowered because they are helping the grown-up (me) succeed. My shows leave the children in the audience feeling 'Great & Powerful' too!

Laughing Boy Miser's Dream.jpeg

No Cringy 'Old-Guy Jokes'

In the 2023-24 school year, schtick that would have worked 20, 10, or even 5 years ago, doesn't anymore. I get it. No embarrassing gender-jokes in my show. No inappropriate off-the-cuff remarks. I promise a cringe-free show that gets everyone laughing while feeling seen & respected.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed...or Your Money Back!

I know you have a lot of choices for school assemblies and library shows in the New York and New Jersey areas. I want to take any concerns you may have away.

So, here’s my super-simple guarantee:

If you’re not 100% satisfied with my magic show,

you get it FREE.

No hidden fine print, no weasel clauses. Don’t like the show? Don’t pay. I can’t be any fairer than that, can I? But after performing thousands of shows for over 20 years, I know you will be thrilled with my show.

Book Dave
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This Sounds Great, Dave! Now What?

Ready to discover how my reading-themed school assembly can help your school celebrate your PARP (Parents As Reading Partners) program? Want to get more information about my annual fully-themed Summer Reading Program library shows? It's simple!

Or click this button to get instant information delivered right to your inbox!

Phone me,                       , at 

or email me at


However you choose to contact me, I look forward to discussing how we can make your next event Great & Powerful!


Fully-insured, and approved for work in NYS schools via background check by NYS Department of Education

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