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Hilarious and Magical Library Magic Shows that Promote Your Special Events and Get More Kids into Your Library

I’m the Great and Powerful Dave. I perform magic shows for the summer reading program every year for libraries throughout New York and surrounding areas. Each year, I create a brand-new show designed to focus on the Collaborative Summer Library Program theme.

Because I create a new magic show each year, kids can return to your library year after year for all-new fun and amazement. I always refer to specific children's books during my show and encourage librarians to set out popular books tied to that year’s theme for the kids to check out after my show.


While the magic I use changes every year, here is an example of the kind of wackiness and fun you can expect:


  • A child volunteer and I create a ‘Ted Geisel Crown’ made from balloons! Along the way, I explain to the audience why Theodore ‘Dr. Seuss’ Geisel is the most celebrated of all children’s book authors


  • A magical routine with Einee, Meinee, and Fred, 3 bookworms of different sizes who live in your library


  • My pal Vern the Vulture (he’s a big colorful puppet) performs a hilarious version of the old gambling con known as 3 Card Monte…but in the end, the chosen card changes into a card from your library!!

  • Book Switcheroo is a hilarious, visual routine where books magically trade places


All my shows focus on getting kids excited about reading! But you might be wondering…

How My Magic Shows Are Different from Other Library Performers in New York

As a trained actor, I bring a level of storytelling and plot to each show that most performers can’t match. I’ve appeared in movies, television, and theater for decades. (You can read about my acting experiences HERE.)

Any good show needs good character and writing to hold the audience’s attention. Look at popular movies. The Marvel Cinematic Universe became popular because of the writing. Critics have repeatedly called Marvel out for their sometimes-shoddy special effects. But people of all ages flock to their movies in droves. Why? The writing and character.

Too many magicians think the secret to a great magic show is having a grab bag of clever tricks. Like theater, TV, and movies, good magic is more than that.

In my shows, I create a relationship with my audience, and I create a throughline, a story, dramatic build, suspense – all the elements that go into a successful theater piece. While I perform fun and age-appropriate magic, kids and adults both love my shows because of those theatrical elements and the connection we have, not the tricks. And with that strong connection, I can help your library achieve its goals.

Why Book a Summer Reading Program-Themed Magic Show?

If you have never booked a magic show for your summer reading program, you might be wondering, “What’s all the fuss about?” Here are just a few ways my library magic shows will help you:

  • More kids will come to your library: Magic’s popularity is at an all-time high! With fun shows like Penn & Teller’s Fool Us, millions of people watch magic on TV each year. And YouTube is flush with magicians! (Seriously, we’re everywhere!) The opportunity for kids to see a LIVE magic show is too much to resist!

  • Kids will check out more books: During the program I promote books that I’ve asked you to display and encourage each child to check out three books; books at their reading level, books on whatever topic excites them. When patrons check out more books, it helps your library’s funding.

  • Promote your library’s special events: I always check in with you before the show to find about any  upcoming special events I should promote, and then I weave that information seamlessly into the show. Hey, why not take advantage of a captive audience to let people know all the great things coming to your library?

  • Reinforce your Summer Reading Program: My show will help promote your library’s SRP theme and get people more involved with contests, awards, and more.

  • Increase applications for new library cards: Many people coming to see my show may have never visited your library before. This is a perfect opportunity to nudge these new guests to get a library card of their own! During the show, I let them know how old they need to be to get a card, how easy it is to get one, and encourage them to head to the circulation desk to apply after the show. 


That’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other reasons why my library shows in New York City, Upstate New York, and surrounding areas are so popular. But you might be wondering if I can back up my claims of awesomeness. I can, and I do it with my guarantee.


You're Protected by My "No Holds Barred" 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I’ve been performing library magic shows for the summer reading program for over 20 years. I’ve fine-tuned my performance into an art form. Because I’m so sure your patrons will love my show, I am happy to guarantee it. Here’s the not-so-fine print:

If you are unhappy with my show for any reason (or no reason at all), don’t pay me.


After thousands of performances, I know you will not only rave about my show (like my other past clients), but you will probably want me back every year… like my past clients!

I can’t be any fairer than that, right?

My Performing Areas

I proudly deliver my library programs throughout New York, including Upstate New York, Central New York, the Finger Lakes Region, Mohawk Valley, Metro New York area, New York suburbs, the Southern Tier, and Long Island. 

If you are not sure if I serve your library, just ask!

Here's What to Do Next...

Getting started is easy! You can reach out in two ways. First, simply fill out the Contact Form on this page. You’ll receive fee and show information you can review and share with your staff. Second, do you prefer the personal touch? Me too! Just give me a call at 607-256-3500. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

But don’t delay – my shows are in high demand over the summer. Because there are only so many dates for the Summer Reading Program, I often must turn away several libraries each year. And with COVID subsiding, more and more places are booking live shows once again.

Don’t risk disappointment. Call today so we can discuss your date.

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