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Worst/Best Dinner

I recently returned from two weeks touring Brazil, Argentina, and Peru, and, one night at a restaurant in Buenos Aires, I had an awful/wonderful meal. 'Awful' because my friends and I were served something that was supposed to be the traditional dish Milanesas de Carne (a pounded beef fillet) but I think may have actually been panko bread crumbs covering a piece of vinyl flooring. The dinner was 'wonderful', though, because I had invited the Argentine magician Alba Magia, and she was able to attend. During the early months of the pandemic, Alba and I took an online class in clowning taught by the wonderful 'Avner the Eccentric', but we'd never met in person. It was like meeting an old friend for the first time. I'm so grateful she took the time, and grateful she didn't choke on the flooring. (Incidentally, the food elsewhere in Buenos Aires and South America was superb!)

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