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“How old should my child be before I have you perform at their birthday party?”

That question has been asked of me this week by one parent from Manhattan and two from Brooklyn so there must be something in the air! The answer: Four-years-old. Something ‘clicks’ with children when they turn four. They finally understand enough about the laws of the universe to understand when, in a magic show, the laws are being violated, so they suddenly find magic especially fun and entertaining. And it’s not till they’re four-years-old that children – even intellectually-advanced children – feel comfortable being in the spotlight. In my show, the birthday child gets lots of time in the spotlight! They’re up on ‘stage’ alongside me, dressed in a top hat & cape, performing miracles (with a bit of assist from me), so they’re the center of attention. Three-year-olds – even gregarious children – often wither when so many eyes are upon them, but four-year-olds – even shy-ish children -- generally thrive on the attention, they love it. Yes, in these respects, the difference between a three and four-year-old is quite pronounced; four-years-old is the ‘magic age’. (But the show doesn't work only for four-year-olds! I perform for children ages 4-10, and the show is always a hit!)

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